Prefabricated houses

All you need to know about prefabricated houses


The prefabricated houses delivered turnkey have evolved well over the last few decades.

In these lines, we welcome you on a site whose goal is that you obtain the prefabricated house of your dreams. We know that buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will face in your life and it depends on the right choice and that you save yourself a lot of headaches. In our space you will find all the information that interest you, from the most basic, retyped with the type of materials and materials you use to control the construction of your future home, even the most difficult, the choice of the best construction company for your work, because the prefabricated housing sector is a complex world. Rest assured that it will be a pleasure to accompany you and let us guide you at any time, simplifying the process for you. Because illusions must be lived from scratch, give us the opportunity to be part of yours.

1-. What kind of prefabricated houses are there?

If you are thinking of living in a manufactured home, or having it as a second home, you should know that this is an ideal decision for the simplicity of its construction. Just think that from standardized modules that will finally be assembled on your plot. With regard to the main types, we can highlight the prefabricated houses of:


The characteristics that best define this material are its strength, solidity and simplicity when combined. His supporters appreciate the aesthetic result he gives. They have a minimum maintenance and their thermal inertia results in a guarantee of thermal and bioclimatic comfort, which allows a significant energy saving.



Prefabricated wood houses with ecological certification are an ecological option, as a renewable material and provided it is controlled by sustainable production. As for its price, the system implies considerable savings compared to traditional constructions. Moreover, contrary to what one might think, they have a great mechanical resistance and despite their lightness, it is a solid material that offers the same solidity as brick. They are also much more durable than people tend to believe and, with proper treatment, do not pose a greater risk than a traditional home in the event of a fire. Its earthquake-resistant properties also support them.



Popular prefabricated homes were forcefully assembled, for a time to this part. These modular buildings are centred on prefabricated modules that will be assembled in the plot of land previously chosen for this purpose. They have the same advantages as the first ones but to which it is necessary to add an even faster construction thanks to the system used, 100 % standardized, in which the necessary blocks are articulated in factory, which adds the materials necessary to obtain the desired acoustic and thermal insulation.


Steel prefabricated homes are also distinguished by their green design, because 21st century architecture must be sustainable. In the steel are detached its resistance and the one that is easily transportable. Your work is very easy, so it gives a great aesthetic play and its quality remains intact for a long time. Precise finishes and good thermal and acoustic insulation define this stainless material where it exists.


Today, many designers are committed to building prefabricated homes that are environmentally friendly, based on recycled and certified environmentally friendly materials, equipped with energy-saving systems and use of sun or rain. at affordable prices. Because a prefabricated house must not only be original and comfortable, but also durable.

2-. The possibilities of prefabricated houses

Depending on your tastes and financial possibilities, you can also choose from a wide variety of prefabricated homes, from which we have selected the following:


Modern prefabricated homes are equipped with the most innovative technologies and designs that combine the advantages of durability over time with aesthetics and strength. Subtle movements of volumes that generate the most attractive spaces. Their singular avant-gardism places them at the top of the preferences of those who boast of being the pinnacle of everything.


Prefabricated homes are designed to meet all requirements, making them ideal for those interested in investing in luxury real estate. The best finishes and the most original and revolutionary designs are part of the wide range that makes up a catalogue of environmentally friendly houses and in which high-tech production methods are used, so some of the football stars of this country have decided to live in one of them.


It is common practice that factories of this type of homes are tailored to each customer’s economy, so they generally stock a range of very affordable and affordable prefabricated homes for all pockets, ready to install and start living immediately. In the same way, we can also build you the house you have planned at the best price and in record time.

3-. Models and selling prices of prefabricated houses

Qualities and finishes

It is interesting to note that you contract with companies that ensure that the use of state-of-the-art materials that make prefabricated homes can be even more effective than traditional buildings, both in terms of levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as structural resistance, impact resistance and possible cracks or moisture. There are as many qualities and finishes as you can imagine for prefabricated houses, handkerchiefs or plaster, facades, paint, veneer, drywall, etc.


Exterior finishes can be finished with all kinds of materials: wood cladding, plaster or exposed brick.


Interior finishes can be realized with interior doors in solid or semi-finished wood, veneered or hollow, rustic or modern with all kinds of finishes.

As far as windows are concerned, there are models that provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to high-tech materials and the stability of its profiles, such as double or triple glazing systems. You will see that they do not lose thermal bridges and that they offer multiple possibilities of combinations in design and comfort. Other features not to be underestimated are anti-theft protection, air permeability and tightness. Similarly, glass doors made of the same material as the rest of the exterior joinery can be added for access to the terraces.

Different types of stairs can be chosen.


Conventional ceramic or porcelain stoneware floors, glazed porcelain or technical porcelain floors such as porcelain or porcelain mass, clay floors, vinyl floors, carpets, smooth cement or micro-cement floors, natural stone floors such as marble, terracotta, granite, sandstone, quartzite, etc.. Nowadays parquet floors are very popular in the floating floor style.

Floors in garages and warehouses can be made of concrete.


Large windows such as patio doors or double garage doors can be provided.

With regard to wall tiles, ceramic flooring remains one of the best choices for walls and among its models more and more original designs are chosen in relief as well as those that evoke materials of nature, such as marble or wood.


On pitched roofs, roofs with a ceramic exterior finish in different colours stand out. Protections such as mineral wool or wood fibre insulation, vapour barriers, transverse strips, etc… are provided.

In houses with flat roofs, it is possible to make a green roof.

Gutters, rain gutters and downspouts in PVC or galvanized.

The heating system is a central heating system with underfloor heating or via radiators…

Are these types of homes safe?

They are very safe, which is supported, among other reasons, by galvanized structures or with a steel frame. As for their qualities, we have already mentioned that manufacturers adapt to buyers’ budgets, so you can build the house you always wanted with the best finishes that will never envy those of other types of construction. As far as insulation is concerned, its bioclimatic approach exploits energy savings, making the most of every euro invested. Its optimal insulation protects the interior of these houses against external agents such as rain, wind or noise. In the same way, having the possibility to integrate an autonomous energy system of photovoltaic solar panels, extraordinary geothermal generators is suitable for wood fiber insulation. Another circumstance that has a positive effect on the safety levels of these homes are the components used for insulation, as it is made of polyurethane or glass wool. Finally, if you choose a prefabricated wood home, make sure it is treated against woodworm and termites, as well as fire and moisture.

Turnkey delivery

As we have said, prefabricated housing construction is faster than traditional housing construction that will allow you to move into your new home in a short period of time after making the purchase decision. You can have the key to your new home in a period of 3 months, ridiculous if you take into account the size of the product we are talking about from the assumption that today 8 out of 10 buyers buy this type of prefabricated homes to be their primary residence and the rest are destined for weekend residences. In times of crisis, they are an invaluable solution for those who refuse to experience the price volatility of other homes.

4-. Which kind of house should ou choose ? Traditional or Prefabricated Works

If you opt for a prefabricated house, instead of a traditional house, you will have the following advantages:

  • A very fast construction process, which facilitates the completion of the construction phase in the plants, which eliminates the delays linked to climatic nuisances and which is enriched by a large team of fitters responsible at all times of each phase.
  • A quality/price comparison shows that prefabricated homes are much cheaper than traditional homes and, especially if you buy a modular home, the costs are even lower.
  • The construction qualities of these homes are in no way detrimental to those of lifetime homes and their comfort level is irrelevant, making them one of the main options to consider when buying a home.
  • You decide, therefore depending on the amount you want to invest, choose from a wonderful mansion to a small house to spend the summer, because you can order your home à la carte.
  • You will be able to add new modules if you need them and in an agile and simple way, whether for your personal or professional life, which will allow you to live and work in the same environment.
  • Your home will speak of your personality, because you will choose the finishes you want to enjoy with your family and friends of a home with all the comfort and meticulously chosen in detail.
  • From the beginning, you will appreciate a wide range of movements and the opportunity to make reforms, which include those that can respond to changing needs that require you to adapt your home.
  • The environment benefits from these ecological houses which define a sustainable lifestyle in which respect for nature and its resources is at its maximum and which can be furnished with rooms of low environmental impact to complete the whole.
  • Some of these houses can be transported from one plot of land to another, thanks to the fact that they are equipped with a wheel system. This means that if you move, you can carry your home with you.

5-. How much does a manufactured home cost?

Of course, the price of a prefabricated house depends on a large number of factors among which we must talk about the model of house you choose, the type of materials you choose for the exterior, the interior finishes, the construction company to which you entrust it, etc…. In most cases, at comparable specifications, the prefabricated house will cost about 20% less than a traditional house.