Interior design

Find out everything about the insurance of an interior designer!

The main task of an interior architect is to design and arrange the interior spaces of a home, taking into account the needs, wishes and budget of his client.

The professional architect must therefore redefine the layout, spaces and decoration of an interior, with the sole aim of making it more aesthetically pleasing, and more efficient, depending on the structure of the rooms.

This profession is a dream for many enthusiasts. If you are one of them, and you would like to know more about this profession, we invite you to continue reading.

What are the tasks of an interior designer?

It is advisable to be accompanied by a professional when you want to renovate the interior of your building. But in concrete terms, what are the main tasks of an interior architect?

Carry out a study of the project

First of all, he must create a project that resembles his client. Indeed, an interior architect must take into account the various characteristics of the client’s choice, such as his desires, his needs and, above all, his budget, in order to draw up an estimate.

He will also have to check the feasibility of the project. The interior architect is also able to inform you if it is possible to bring your vision to life, according to the technical, legal and financial constraints.

Guiding the client

An interior architect is also able to provide his client with various options. In this case, he has to present him with several design solutions, so that he can choose the one that suits him best.

In addition, one of his main tasks is to transform an unattractive space into a user-friendly one; he is a master decorator.

The architect’s main task is of course to design and furnish, so he has to change the atmosphere and structure of the room according to the client’s wishes and to put his ideas into practice. Most of the time, the interior designer will offer a 3D simulation of the transformation of the rooms on his computer in order to make it easier for the client to project himself and create the atmosphere he wants.

Providing advice on the right equipment and decoration

Thanks to his expertise, an interior designer will be able to advise his clients on the equipment and decoration adapted to their budget, their needs and their desires.

He will also take care of the administrative procedures and assist the client in the choice of contractors, and will himself ensure the follow-up and coordination of the work.

How to choose an interior architect?

man-paper-tieThe choice of an interior architect should be made wisely. Indeed, the latter is responsible for the interior of your home, so he or she must be a person you can trust.

For this reason, we provide you below with a list of the main conditions to be respected when choosing your interior designer:

  • Research the architect you wish to hire thoroughly and make sure of his qualifications;
  • research the architect’s previous work, so that you have an idea of his style of work;
  • find out about the cost of the interior decorator. It is obvious that your choice should be based on your budget;
  • make sure that he offers guarantees and insurance.

What insurance is required for an interior architect?

The interior architect must intervene in case of renovations that require heavy work, that is why it is essential for him to be covered and to subscribe to a civil liability insurance as well as a ten-year guarantee in the framework of the protection of his activities in order not to take any risks.

Civil liability insurance

The interior architect, by virtue of his professional activity, manages several missions on behalf of his client. In addition to the study and design of the project, he must also analyse the house in order to draw up a plan of the rooms. In most cases, he is also responsible for carrying out the work and for repairing any physical or material damage by his own means, if he is not covered by a professional civil liability insurance policy which covers the damage caused as well as the legal costs.

The ten-year guarantee

According to articles 1792 and 1792-2 of the Civil Code, the architect must offer his clients a ten-year guarantee as part of his activities. If he does not offer his clients a ten-year guarantee as part of his activities, he will be punished with six months in prison. These guarantees are therefore very important for an interior architect. This guarantee covers for a period of 10 years, the risks of defects that could affect the solidity of the work.