Category: Modular Homes

A few years ago, modular buildings were still reserved for temporary shelters, for example in the construction, commerce or education sectors. But now, modular houses are flourishing throughout the territory. These prefabricated buildings are now able to compete with traditional architecture, thanks to improved manufacturing technologies and aesthetic and functional aspects. The modular house is also cheaper and more ecological, which meets the expectations of a large part of the population.

Modular house: what exactly is it?

A modular building or house is one where buildings are prefabricated, assembled and equipped in a workshop or factory. The elements are then transported to the construction site, where they are assembled and stacked. But it is also possible to build your own modular house! In both cases, the modular house adapts to the needs of the inhabitants: everything is designed to meet their requirements and their lifestyle habits. And if they evolve, the house can evolve with them.

Why choose a modular home?

A modular home offers many advantages over the design of a traditional home. The process is not fixed: the containers are shaped and equipped in the factory and their arrangement is free. The architectural solutions proposed therefore meet the needs and desires of the owners. It is also easier to control the construction site and the manufacturing lead times, as the various modules are manufactured in the factory. The number of contacts and craftsmen is thus reduced and all the work is programmed in advance. With a modular house, compliance with control and manufacturing standards are also easier to meet. The modular construction company takes care of everything, whether the modules are built in series or meet the specific requirements of the owners.The different types of modular houses There is not one type of modular house but several, to choose according to your needs and your involvement in the project. The most common prefabricated modular home is built entirely in the factory and then assembled in the field. But there is also the manufactured panel house, where only the wall sections are manufactured in the factory. The rest of the work is done in the field, which allows the owners to invest in the site (and therefore save money). For the prefabricated house piece by piece, usually made of wood, almost all the work is also done in the field. The advantage is greater solidity and a rustic style. Finally, the prefabricated house kit is a good solution for self-builders. The kit includes all the building materials and the interior and exterior finishing elements: all that remains to be assembled.

The modular home: fast and economical

If demand in the modular home sector has greatly increased in recent years, it is because this type of construction meets the requirements of the population. Because modular construction guarantees fast construction and financial savings. For a modular house, delivery times do not exceed two to three months. For a traditional house, it will take many months, even a year or more. Building a modular home also helps to reduce costs, especially when choosing mass-produced modules. Modular construction methods are based on modern high technologies that are cheaper. Modular houses generally have optimal insulation, which also saves on electricity bills. On average, modular houses are 20 to 30% cheaper than traditional buildings. Count between 700 and 1200€ the m² according to the materials used and the technologies chosen.

Modular house: aesthetics are not neglected

When we talk about modular houses, many have prefabricated compartments or containers in mind, as can be found on ports. The truth is that modular houses no longer look like this at all. Today, the architectural possibilities are almost unlimited, as with a classic construction. The modular houses are modern, elegant and clean design. As an added bonus, it is easier to customize the design of a modular home, for example by choosing the materials and layout of the various modules. In the end, it will be very difficult to differentiate a modular house from a traditional house.