Interior design

What studies does an interior designer have to do?

If you are a new graduate and you don’t know what future jobs you want to have, you should choose according to your personal and professional skills. The first thing is to determine the sector that attracts you the most.

For example, if you like everything related to decoration and if you have a good artistic touch, you should consider the profession of interior designer.

For this, it is very important to have some information, starting with the studies and training you need to follow.

So, what are the educational requirements for an interior designer?

What are the studies that a future interior architect must follow?

Interior design is a job for people who are interested in decoration and have a very good sense of imagination, because this is essential to carry out the different tasks of this job and to satisfy your client.

Choosing an interior design may seem simple at first glance, since it is enough to choose colours and devices and put them in a room, but in truth, it is a complex operation for which you must take several parameters into consideration such as the layout of the rooms, the different techniques to be used to draw up the architectural plans, all of this to succeed in the best way possible in the tasks requested.

Attention to detail

Indeed, the decoration of the interior of a house requires great attention to choose elements that are compatible with each other and with the characteristics of the room in question, such as the surface area and luminosity, so that your client is delighted.

A space designer must consider both the aesthetic aspect of decoration and design, but also the layout and use of space so as not to overcrowd the room.

Higher education needed

To carry out all these tasks requires the expertise and knowledge of an expert in the field and therefore, to become an interior designer, you need to follow a five-year higher education course, starting with a three-year stage to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

Whether in a state or private institution, training as a space designer is accessible to baccalaureate holders who will have the choice between 3 diploma possibilities:

  • the national art diploma (DNA);
  • the national diploma of art and design professions (DN MADE);
  • the Diploma of Architectural Studies (DEEA).

After obtaining his licence, the future interior architect can begin the second stage of his training, i.e. two years to obtain the master’s degree in numerous specialities available in the various schools, after their master’s degree the future architects to practice their professions.

In which institutions can one study interior design?

book-glassesIn order to acquire the necessary skills for his profession, an interior designer must study / train in a recognised institution to obtain a state-approved diploma at the end of his training to practice his profession.

If you want to become a space designer, you will have to choose between two types of institutions, either state universities or public schools.

To obtain the Bachelor’s degree, the student must go to either an art school, a fine arts school or an applied arts school (except for the DEEA diploma which can only be obtained through an architecture school).

The master in interior design

As far as the master’s degree is concerned, you can choose between 15 different schools accredited by the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI). These schools include :

  • ENSAD;
  • the Comondo school;
  • Académie Charpentier;
  • l’école Bleue;
  • Hourdé School;
  • IFAT;
  • EDNA;
  • ESAM Design.

If you are interested, you can consult the websites of these establishments to get a better idea of the programme and the quality of the architecture training.

The choice of the school in which the student is going to do his studies / training is not very simple, to facilitate the task it is very important to take into account certain criteria of choice such as the cost of studies, the location, the program studied, the national and international recognition of the diplomas, the reputation, the opinions of former students, etc.

To be able to carry out all the missions and projects of an interior architect, it is necessary to pursue high-level studies/training in one of the 15 establishments approved by the CFAI in order to obtain a recognised diploma that will enable you to become a qualified interior architect.

The question is whether you want to be a designer or an interior architect.