Modular Homes

The WaldCube ecological and modular home

A wooden frame and straw insulation, all mounted on piles. That could sum up the WaldCube in a few words. Only, it’s a lot more than that! Created by EcoLodge, it is the very example of a successful eco-responsible construction project. In a clearly stated desire to allow everyone to have access to a property while respecting the environment as much as possible, EcoLodge has not only won its bet, but has even gone beyond it. Indeed, to this day it can be proud to be an actor of sustainable development. With the WaldCube, it not only meets the requirements for the construction of a passive house, or at least a high-performance house, but also does so with the greatest respect for people. What a work philosophy!

Materials and their performance as insulators

Apart from windows, plumbing and electricity, the WaldCube is made of two materials: wood and straw.
The structure, floors, cladding and walls are made of wood of different species from the Ardennes forests. Wood, whose economic and ecological advantages are no longer to be proven, is an ideal material for construction, because it is both solid and light. It also allows, by its characteristics, more freedom in the architecture, because the loads to be distributed are less compared to those of a breeze block or concrete construction.
As for the straw, it constitutes the insulation of this house. With an unbeatable price-quality ratio, it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. In this case, it comes from farms located near the manufacturer, thus further reducing its impact on the environment. It is also a product, and we know it less, which offers a very good resistance to fire.
Last point about these materials, both, they have great insulating properties, not only thermal, but also phonic.

Surface and interior design

The surface is a question of use. Depending on the destination of the WaldCube (accommodation, office, workshop, guest house, etc.), you can choose between four interior surfaces: 25, 44, 48 and 63 m2. And if this is not enough, you can “couple” two structures to make only one of the area you want. Apart from the 25 m2 model, all models are supplied with a 14 m2 terrace, covered or not, to which you can add 11 m2 (optional).
As regards the interior and its layout, they are provided without kitchen or bathroom. Kits will be proposed to you to arrange your acquisition at best.

You will have understood that investing in a WaldCube is not an ecologically harmless act. It is not even an exaggeration to say that it is the addition of a stone[it is the expression that wants that…], to the building of a future closer to nature.
With the many possibilities offered, you can create the home of your dreams while applying your values of respect for the environment and respect for people in general.
The most, no need for concrete foundations since it is mounted on piles, which, depending on the topology of the ground and the chosen model, will be more or less sunk in order to guarantee the greatest stability to the whole.
The only problem is that you have to be Belgian and live near Geer, north-west of Liège, to be able to buy a WaldCube without having to pay extra transport costs for its transport to the destination site.

Do not hesitate any more and ask for an estimate!