Interior design

What are the best websites for interior designers and decorators?

If you are interested in designing interior spaces for living and working, there are many options available to you.

Although both interior architecture and interior design aim to create beautiful rooms and interior spaces, their roles and criteria are different. We’ll go over the differences between interior architecture and interior design in this post to help you determine which one is right for you.

What is interior architecture?

Interior architecture combines the art of design with the science of architecture, focusing on the technical elements of room design and construction. The discipline involves making a room safe and practical, as well as creating visually pleasing lighting, colours and textures. Interior designers usually deal with a mixture of structural features, building materials and aesthetic elements.

What are the functions of an interior designer?

When an architect designs a space, the interior designer often has to deal with a complex set of tasks. Their projects often begin with a discussion with the client to assess their needs and preferences for the space. After that, the client has the advice from the interior designer.

Creating new spaces

Some interior designers specialise in creating new spaces, while others focus on renovating existing spaces. Those who focus on the latter task examine the current interior structure of the space to determine any constraints or needs. Those who specialize in creating new spaces may collaborate with other architects to ensure that their interior space ideas are compatible with the rest of the project’s structural plans.

Developing interior plans

These architects assess the area’s surroundings, look at natural light and evaluate the viability of a possible layout when developing interior plans.

Many interior designers then use computer-aided design (CAD), drafting and building information modelling (BIM) software to develop scale designs of the interior space after physically sketching their initial ideas. These drawings often represent the aesthetic and structural features of the design, such as electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Are architects responsible for project preparation?

Interior designers are also responsible for developing project plans, which include cost estimates and schedules. Most firms use contractors to perform their duties, which may include negotiating contracts and employing temporary team members.

When working on complex projects, interior designers usually interact with other architects, interior designers, engineers and construction crews.

Understand and follow construction standards

Architects must understand and follow building standards and government regulations for interior spaces, as their designs address safety and durability. They often research and test building materials and construction procedures to ensure that they comply with all applicable rules and laws.

Monitoring the progress of the site

After a project begins, interior designers usually visit the construction site to monitor its progress. They may be responsible for supervising contractors, managing schedules and ensuring that the construction team is using the correct materials and procedures.

Interior designers also handle material testing required by local authorities or regulations.

What are the best websites for interior designers and decorators?

website-architectInterior design / decorating websites can help you with everything from fixing a hole in a wall to restoring antique furniture. They are also a treasure trove for home improvement enthusiasts, providing valuable information on current design trends and other crucial aspects of the industry.

Not all interior design websites, like everything else, are created equal. Looking for DIY ideas, decorating/decorating inspiration or renovation projects for your future home? Here are the best sites to check out:

  • Rencontreunarchi;
  • Mon maître carré;
  • Archionline;
  • Houzz;
  • Batiactu;
  • Solutions Agencement.

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