Interior design

Differences between an architect and an interior designer: we tell you about them

Architects are confronted every day with the need to design and create plans and projects that meet their respective requirements. They do this through architectural services such as building plans, housing restoration, environmental improvement or interior design.

However, make no mistake, architects and interior designers are two different professions. Although the name of each profession implies architect, the two professions do not have much in common. They all have their own qualifications and level of training.

What does an architect do?

The mission of the architect’s profession includes the design and development of projects, but also the advisory role and the expert work with the client. His mission is therefore much larger than the public generally believes. This profession, being regulated, will bring you a guarantee that no other profession in the building industry can bring.

His field of competence is very broad, he will offer you the following guarantees :

  • design: he will carry out the building by taking care that all the conditions are present for a pleasant, healthy, robust, profitable living environment, etc;
  • technical expertise: he wants to be the only professional to have a total vision of his own project and to be able to bring solutions to the hazards of construction;
  • expertise in urban planning: he will have to determine the feasibility of the regulations concerning urban planning by providing solutions to possible legal difficulties for the project for which he is working.

The use of the architect consists in participating in constructions, but also in making modifications to already existing structures, whether it is an extension or a rehabilitation of the structural work such as load-bearing walls, floors, etc.

It should be noted that for certain cases, according to the law that came into force in March 2017. Any construction or renovation operation and works of more than 150 m² of surface area requires the passage by an architect.

What does an interior architect do?

Unlike an architect, an interior designer can only design and develop the decoration of certain spaces and also choose the furniture.

He cannot interfere with the construction of the buildings themselves. He designs and decorates the interiors by reconsidering the aspects of the elements in an artistic way. He has to think of a certain harmony by playing with colours, materials, etc.

It may be a question of a private home, offices or a shop, but the most important thing is to always consider the architecture and the distribution of existing spaces when designing the project.

The interior architect uses a lot of imagination and creativity in order to create a harmonised space, taking into account the different ways of decorating desired by his client.

What are the differences between an architect and an interior designer?

architect-woman-computerThere is a difference between an architect and an interior designer. The latter is involved in the creation and implementation of an interior design, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, without changing the structure. He reconsiders the entire decoration with a professional eye for aesthetic harmonisation in the process of selecting the colours and materials used to equip each area of the house or commercial structure.

He always takes into account the architecture already in place to design the layout of the house or room, considering the various financial and technological constraints required by the owner.

The expertise of these two professionals

Within the framework of a project to restore your home, both the architect and the interior designer are likely to be able to contribute their expertise. The architect will have a slightly broader vision, including the technical elements, which should not be forgotten in the context of major renovation work, while the interior architect will also take into account the dimension of internal decoration (space, design, the choice of furniture, etc.).