Modular Homes

The WaldCube ecological and modular home

A wooden frame and straw insulation, all mounted on piles. That could sum up the WaldCube in a few words. Only, it’s a lot more than that! Created by EcoLodge, it is the very example of a successful eco-responsible construction project. In a clearly stated desire to allow everyone to have access to a property […]

Tiny house

The Tiny House MADI: the story of a useful, environmental and practical modular house

In full expansion, and more and more used and put forward, in particular in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the Tiny House appears as the ideal solution for a pied-à-terre at a price defying any competition, or for a dwelling with simple, practical and ecological aspirations. Totally comfortable and with optimized proportions, this modern house on wheels, […]


Introduction: Parametric design

What is parametric design ? There is no precise definition and there are other related terms and synonyms: generative, computational, digital, computer aided, associative. Basically it’s far more sophisticated than using computer instead of drawing board. Often when You draw/model your concept, You follow certain operations which are monotone and repetitive, they are algorithms and […]